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Everyone at KING’S HAWAIIAN looks forward to experiencing the Aloha Spirit of our ohana (the Hawaiian word for “extended family”) every day. We enjoy interacting with you and reading the wall posts and tweets you share about your experiences with us. That is why we are so happy to make the following announcement…

KING’S HAWAIIAN is expanding its online community and sharing the Hawaiian Way on Pinterest

Sharing is at the heart and soul of Hawaiian culture. Sharing honors everyone around you and this spirit infuses everything we do. With our new KING’S HAWAIIAN Pinterest page, we can’t wait to see what kinds of creative collaborations are pinned.

We would like our boards to provide a little bit of everything you’ll need to get inspired in the kitchen, outdoors, on-the-go, and everywhere else. Similar to our Facebook and Twitter communities, we want our Pinterest boards to be all about you.

We welcome you to show us what #kingshawaiian means to you, and to also explore our current boards:

Bringing friends and family together, spending quality time in beautiful places, and sharing the things that inspire us – that’s the Hawaiian Way. Visual, stimulating, and fun, Pinterest is just another exciting way to share what Aloha Spirit means to us and we hope to learn more about what it means to you.

Through each eye-opening board and alluring pin, we hope to encourage you, our fans, to share your creativity, take culinary risks, embrace togetherness, originality, and above all… to encourage more interaction with KING’S HAWAIIAN and our ohana.

We welcome you to leave a comment below with a link to your Pinterest account, and connect with us at