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Can you believe it’s almost Fall already? It seems that just a few short months ago we were finishing up the holiday season, and now it’s almost upon us again!

Two big things happen in our house in the Fall: back to school and football. If you ask me, back to school is the most important part of the month, but my husband might beg to differ. He’s very obsessed with football!

With the kids back at school, it’s important to find some extra time to enjoy activities with them that aren’t homework or the drive to extracurricular activities. They’re gone most of the day, and working on studies or running off to activities several times a week, and I think that finding some time to re-create that summer togetherness is important.

Since you can almost always find me in the kitchen, baking is often a way that I spend some quality time with my daughter. When she’s in the right mood (not bouncing off the walls) she enjoys getting her hands into a batch of cookie dough or stirring up some cupcakes. It also gives us something to do when my husband is watching football.

Even before Fall arrives, I start to crave comfort food. Pumpkin, apple, coffee cake, bread, and rich chocolate desserts are always on my mind. I’m always trying to find new easy and fun desserts that I can serve at parties, because the months from September until the holidays are filled with parties! Football parties, birthday parties, soccer parties, holiday gatherings, you name it! There ends up being something almost every weekend, and I love to have a dessert recipe ready to go!

This Chocolate Chip Pull Bread is one of my newest favorites for a big crowd. Jordan helped me put it together, and it came together in just minutes. This Pull Bread is the perfect recipe for kids to help with, because it’s simple, and they can get their hands dirty! It’s filled with the comfort flavors everyone loves this time of year: cinnamon and chocolate. And King’s Hawaiian Bread, of course!

The Pull Bread starts with a loaf of KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread. You slice the round into inch-thick slices going both directions, but not all the way through. The loaf is still intact, but you get lots of crevices to capture some delicious flavors.

Then comes the fun part - you brush it with butter and sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and chocolate chips. Bake it until it’s crispy and you have a fun appetizer for any party. (Well, if it makes it to the party, that is. It’s so addicting, you may have to hide it from yourself!)

Just a few ingredients and a little time in the kitchen, and lots of memories for your kids. It’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon this month. What’s your favorite part of this time of year?

Chocolate Chip Pull Bread recipe