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There's nothing like Hawaiian music to take you right back to the islands. The distinct sounds and rhythm put you in an 808 state of mind, especially when the lyrics have to do with food!

There is such a blend of cultures in Hawaii and the plate lunch is a reflection of that flavorful food and local specialties that you can only find on the islands. From tropical fruit to fresh fish and beef stew, you can feel Aloha Spirit in every dish.

Hawaiian music incorporates distinct Hawaii food and culture into the songs through the onolicious lyrics, here are a few of my favorites:

(*special thanks to my friend Cheryl deCarvalho who helped me remember the lyrics to some of these great old songs. Her years of hula and listening to Hawaiian music were a big help!)

Sean Na'auou - Fish and Poi
I like my fish and poi, I'm a big boy
Lomi salmon, pipikaula, extra large lilikoi
Squid or chicken lu'au, don't forget the laulau
Beef or tripe stew just to name a few

John Cruz - Island Style
Mama's in the kitchen cooking dinner real nice
Beef stew on the stove, lomi salmon with the ice
We eat and drink and sing all day
Kanikapila in the old Hawaiian way

Ka'au Crater Boys - He'ono
Sure make a beef stew heavy on the extra salad,
two scoops rice on a hamburger bun,
hot dog, kim chee, chili pepper water
akule, aku, mahimahi sandwich,
top it all off with the Kikoman Shoyu

Moloka'i Slide -Ehukai
We¹ll cook a little pig and all the coconuts are free
And what you see is what you get. In a little grass shack
I know you're gonna like it and I hope that you come back
I like the fishes swimming round in the sea, I like to hop 'um on the grill,
and cook 'um up for me, with a big pan of butter, man it can't get
better than this
I like the chicken, we hop 'um on the grill, man it hurts to eat the raw fish
and eat up all the spills. Oh well, oh yeah. It’s just a luau by the sea.

Sean Na'auao - Li Hing Hula
Swaying to the 'ami of a shiver
From the sweet and sour, the sprinkle of the powder
The li hing mui, some hard or chewy,
Kaholo, sway, 'ami all the way
Hula to the li hing shiver

What’s your favorite island song? Share your links in the comment section below!