Summer means being outdoors, sleepovers, and camping trips with friends and family! The days are longer and nights are warmer so it’s no wonder that my ohana loves to go camping as much as possible.asdfjkdhfasdhfjdkhfsdjkhfasdjkhfdjkfhdjhfdjkfhdjkhfdjfhdf

Posted by: Vanessa Diaz
As a self-proclaimed KING'S HAWAIIAN fanatic, I use my KING'S HAWAIIAN® breads in a variety of different ways. I wanted to share with you just 5 of the ways I use my beloved KING'S HAWAIIAN!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I think it’s because it’s a no pressure holiday. There are no gifts, no elaborate decorations or meals to be planned. The day is all about celebrating America, being with family and friends, and enjoying

Life on a ranch doesn't lend towards too many vacations. You have to be there to check on the animals, it is our way of life. However, there are lots of things you can do from home to enjoy a staycation.

Posted by: Sharon Garofalow
As you may remember from my last post (Moving Brings Us Together) my family recently landed in a new neighborhood. Socially it has been night and day from our old street.

When we were growing up, desserts were not a regular post-meal occurrence. Sure, there were fruits in the house and the occasional Vietnamese sweets on traditional holidays but cakes and cookies only made their appearances on birthdays.

We asked our fans to share with us which songs remind them of Hawaii and the response was amazing. So, here it is the all-time best Hawaiian music playlist curated by you - our fans! We've made it easy for you to listen whenever you'd like!