Our motivation to succeed is driven by our Vision, Mission and Core Values…


The KING’S HAWAIIAN® Brand is the global leader in the fast-growing Hawaiian food category.Our people are recognized as the most skilled, empowered and highly motivated in the industry.


Our Mission

We deliver irresistible Hawaiian food and aloha spirit, that families love everywhere, every day.


Company Core Values

Excellence. We are a large company and we need to strive for excellence in order to maintain our momentum. We may not be excellent all the time, but we must move toward excellence and embrace the change needed to continuously improve.

Dignity. Maintaining the Taira family values of treating everyone with kindness and respect. Respecting ourselves and others. Honoring our commitments. Holding each other accountable. Practicing what we preach. Appreciating each others differences. Professionalism.

Telling it like it is in a way that can be heard. Be honest. Pushback. Give feedback to others about their behavior and how it affects you. Deliver the message in a way that can be “heard” and understood by others – not in an angry, sarcastic or disrespectful way; “energetic vs. emotional.” Share information. Manage conflict vs. avoiding conflict. Take personal responsibility for creating trust within the team.