Any way you want! The most common way of eating our bread is by tearing directly into it. This is how most people have been eating it for over 60 years, making a knife unnecessary. 

If you would like to make French Toast or other recipes requiring the Round Bread to be sliced, just use a sharp bread or serrated knife and gently cut back and forth at the desired width. Please be sure not to press too hard on the bread as it is delicate. Please enjoy! 

If you would like to make a bread bowl for your dip, such as Spinach Dip, start by finding a bowl smaller than the Round Bread and use that as a guide to create a clean-cut circle. Use your bread or serrated knife to cut all the way down then pull out the middle. Cut the middle piece leaving about 2 inches from the bottom and place it back inside the bread bowl followed by your dip. Cut and toast the rest of the middle part and serve on the side. This will be the hit of every party! Check this video for a visual (at 1:32).