Brittany B's Breakfast Sandwich

Recipe Details

1 1 hamburger bun

1 large eggs

1 slice of pepper jack cheese

2 slices of turkey bacon

1 slice of tomato

1/2 teaspoon mayo (mustard optional)

1/2 teaspoon red finely chopped red onion

Step 1
Start by warming the turkey bacon (when done warming wrap in small pc tin foil)
Step 2
Using the same pan, add lil' bit of oil and crack your egg in pan, salt & pepper. Cook egg to your desired preference.
Step 3
Toss your bun in the toaster to get er' brown (while your egg is cooking).
Step 4
Slice your cheese and tomato, grab mayo/mustard, and grab some red onion (we always have tom's and onion pre-cut in refer)
Step 5
Spread your mayo (or mustard) on toasted bottom portion of bun. Place egg, cheese, turkey bacon, red onion and tomato (in that order). Lil' bit of mayo on top bun and eat!!


These can also be made ahead and taken on a road trip. Easy, quick and you will save money and calories by doind a simple breakfast sandwich at home......Enjoy!!

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