Cheese Burger In Paradise

Recipe Details

2 1/2 pounds ground chuck

1/3 cup zesty BBQ Sauce (prefer Open Pit)

2 medium jalapenos finely chopped

1 pound sharp cheddar cheese slices (1/4 inch thick)

12 slices Thick Cut Bacon

12 slices Pineapple rings

1/2 cup Mayo

4 garlic cloves chopped

1 cup zesty BBQ Sauce (prefer Open Pit)

4 tablespoons olive oil

12 slices KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread

Step 1
In a large bowl mix 1/3 cup of BBQ sauce into the 2.5 lb of Ground Chuck
Step 2
Form 12 equal sized patties.
Step 3
Take 6 patties and add 2 tsp of chopped jalapenos to the middle.
Step 4
Take two slices of the cheese and break them so they are placed in the middle of the burgers.
Step 5
Take the remaining 6 patties and place them on top of the patties containing the cheese and jalapenos.
Step 6
Seal up the edges well so that the cheese cannot escape.
Step 7
In a medium/small bowl, add the mayo and 4 chopped garlic cloves.
Step 8
Using an immersion blender make sure the mayo is smooth, and set the bowl to the side.
Step 9
Using a BBQ safe skillet or veggie cooking tray, place over medium to high heat. (can also cook on stove top)
Step 10
Add your 12 pieces of bacon (or 6 long pieces cut in half).
Step 11
Cook until they are crispy by still pliable, then set to the side.
Step 12
Place burger over Medium heat (make sure that the grill is cleaned well and you can use some oil to make sure there is no sticking).
Step 13
Cook each side for about 4-5 minutes each (medium-medium rare)
Step 14
While burgers are on the grill, put your 12 slices of pineapple over medium to high heat.
Step 15
Pineapple is done when there are distinctive char/brown marks on both sides. Once finished set to the side.
Step 16
Brush the 4 tbsp of olive oil on one side of the 12 pieces of bread.
Step 17
Place on grill. oil side down, so they lightly brown, then set to the side.
Step 18
Take 1 slice of the bread and spread 1 tbsp of the garlic mayo on it (will repeat steps 18-23 for the rest of the burgers)
Step 19
Add your cooked burger.
Step 20
Spread 3 tbsp of zesty BBQ sauce evenly over the burger (should be slightly dripping over the sides).
Step 21
place two pieces of bacon crossed
Step 22
Add two slices of the grilled pineapple.
Step 23
Take the toasted King's Hawaiian bread slice, and place it gingerly on top
Step 24

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