Dracula S'mores Sliders

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1 package King's Hawaiian Original Sweet Rolls

Red Icing

Mini Marshmallows

Candy Eyeballs

Almond Slivers

Swedish Fish

Black Icing

Step 1
Tear off one sweet roll from a pack of King’s Hawaiian Original Sweeet Rolls. Slice roll in half.
Step 2
On the bottom half, cover the top with red icing followed by mini marshmallows. Coat the bottom of the top half with red icing and place it on top of the marshmallow layer.
Step 3
While the roll is facing front, place two almond slivers in between the last two mini marshmallows on each side to create the fangs.
Step 4
Place a small amount of red icing on the inside of the candy eyeballs and stick onto the front top half of the roll for the eyes.
Step 5
Use the tails of two Swedish fish candies to create the bowtie. Use red icing to adhere them together and place on the bottom half of the roll.
Step 6
Using red icing, attach two Swedish fish candies to each side of the slider to create the cape.
Step 7
Using black icing, draw a triangle on the top of the roll with the top point of the triangle starting between the two eyes. Fill in to create the hair.

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