Fried Apple Bacon Buns

Recipe Details

24 Slices Bacon, cooked crisp, cut in half

5 or 6 Apples, sliced (pink lady, honey crisp)

1 16 ounce tub cream cheese

2 tablespoon coconut oil

3 or 4 Tablespoons sugar

1 or 2 Tablespoons cinnamon

1 Dash of salt, squeeze of lemon

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Step 1
Mix sugar, cinnamon, and salt in bowl and set aside. Slice apples.
Step 2
Heat oil, cook apples until slightly brown, place on paper towels to drain excess oil.
Step 3
Toss apples in the sugar mixture. Squeeze of lemon.
Step 4
Split Rolls. Thick layer of cream cheese both sides. Stack Fried apples. 1 Crispy Cooked Bacon halved.
Step 5
Close, Enjoy!

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