Hawaiian Swirl Parfait

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Recipe Details

Vanilla Ice Cream

Fresh Strawberries Chopped

Mint Leaves for Garnish

1 KING’S HAWAIIAN Strawberry Guava Hawaiian Swirl (only available at our online store)

Step 1
Cut Hawaiian Swirl bread into small pieces (dice). Chop fresh strawberries. Set aside (keep them separate).
Step 2
Step 2 Using jars or dessert glasses, build your parfait in layers. Layer 1, KING’S HAWAIIAN Strawberry Guava Hawaiian Swirl. Layer 2, Vanilla Ice Cream. Layer 3, Fresh Strawberries. Repeat until you reach the top.
Step 3
Garnish with a mint leaf.


You can use a variety of different ingredients to make this parfait. Choose other fruits that pair well with the strawberry-guava flavor of the Hawaiian Swirl. You can also use yogurt, pudding or whipped cream as a substitute for ice cream. Make it your own!

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Made with our original King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet formula and swirled with a rich strawberry guava filling, our Hawaiian Swirl is a perfect sweet treat.