Ladybug Sandwich

Ladybug Sandwich

Prep: 25 Minutes Cook: -1 Minutes Serves: 1 Submitted by: KING'S HAWAIIAN


2 sliced King's Hawaiian Sliced Bread
Sliced Ham
1 slice Swiss Cheese
Leaf Lettuce
Sliced Black Olives
1 Whole Black Olive
Eye Toothpicks


Step 1
Spread mayonnaise on one slice of King’s Hawaiian Bread followed by ham, swiss cheese, and lettuce.

Step 2
Cut a tomato slice in half and spread out to resemble lady bug wings.

Step 3
Place three olives on each tomato slice to resemble the ladybug spots.

Step 4
Place candy eyeballs on a large black olive using a tiny bit of mayo as the glue. Stick a toothpick into bottom of black olive and place on the front of the bread slice for the lady bug’s head. Slice thin slices out of the lettuce stem and place on top of large black olive for the “antlers.”