Race Car Sandwich

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Cherry Tomatoes

Provolone or Swiss

Ham and/or Turkey

Kalamata or Green Olives


King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread

Step 1
Build a sandwich using mayo, turkey slices, and swiss cheese onto King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread.
Step 2
Using a small bowl, cut the top of the sandwich off using a knife until the sandwich forms a car shape. Slice off the remaining crust.
Step 3
Take one slice of a cucumber and cut it in half to resemble the car windows.
Step 4
Take one slice of carrot and one half cherry tomato to form a wheel. Repeat.
Step 5
Add the windows and wheels to your bread car.
Step 6
Have fun with your food! Add some other finishes like car doors using carrot slices or a headlight using an additional cucumber slice.

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