Southwestern Shrimp BLT Mini Subs

Recipe Details

1 jar Chipolte mayo (found in the market)

1 1/2 pounds shrimp - can use more if desired

1 head lettuce ice berg shredded - can buy already packaged

1 package slices tyson precooked bacon

2 tablespoons Margaritaville Clypso rub- to taste

1 large lemon

1 tomato

Step 1
peel and devein shrimp if not already done
Step 2
marinate for a few moments in the rub and lemon
Step 3
grill shrimp till just pink and tender - try for some char with out over cooking
Step 4


Try for a size of shrimp that you can fit 3 large on the base level then two more before stacking the bacon tomato and lettuce. - Chipolte mayo on both sides! Enjoy!

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