Sweet & Spicy Tempura Shrimp Po Boy

Chef Bert Agor, Jr.
Meet the Chef!
Chef Bert Agor, Jr.
A native Hawaiian from the island of Kauai, Chef Bert Agor, Jr.'s childhood dream was to become a chef. Working side-by-side many summers with his father in favorite Hawaiian restaurants, he gained the skills necessary to become an Executive Chef / Trainer. Now, in addition to creating unforgettable restaurant dining experiences, Chef Bert creates onolicious recipes for KING'S HAWAIIAN®, based on Flavors of Hawaii from his childhood.
Recipe Details

2 King's Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns (available online at www.kingshawaiian.com)

1/2 teaspoon Butter (for toasting buns)

4 cups canola oil

8 each Shrimp 16/20 (sized 16 to 20 pieces per pound)

2 cups Tempura batter - use packaged batter mix and prep per package instructions

2 tablespoons Big Island Bees Lehua & Cinnamon Honey (available online at www.kingshawaiian.com)

1 cup Mae Ploy chili sauce

Garnish black sesame seeds

Garnish Green Onions

Step 1
Toast hot dog buns in lightly buttered pan and set aside.
Step 2
Heat oil in sauce pan. Oil is hot enough when a tiny drip of batter dropped into it starts to fry.
Step 3
Dip shrimp in tempura batter, prepped per package instructions.
Step 4
Gently slide shrimp one at a time into oil, using tongs and holding each at oil surface until it begins to cook and then release fully into oil. Make sure to flip shrimp with tongs so they cook on both sides. Cook until golden brown.
Step 5
Mix Big Island Bee's Lehua and Cinnamon Honey with Mae Ploy chili sauce in a small bowl.
Step 6
Toss cooked shrimp in honey chili sauce and place in hot dog buns.
Step 7
Place shrimp inside toasted hot dog bun.
Step 8
Garnish with black sesame seeds and green onions and it's ready to serve.

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