Turkey in the Straw & Chicken in the Hay

Recipe Details

1/2 cup Hot Sweet pepper rings, chopped, plus 3T juice from the peppers

1/2 cup sliced roasted marinated red pepper

2 cup broccoli slaw veggies ( in the bagged salad aisle)

2 teaspoon sesame oil

1/4 tablespoon salt

2 tablespoons Toasted sesame seeds

3 packages 4-packs of King's Hawaiian Savory Butter rolls

3 tablespoons coarse ground mustard

8 ounces thinly sliced smoked or roasted turkey breast

8 ounces thinky sliced chicken breast

Step 1
In a medium bowl, toss together the sweet hot pepper rings and their juice, red pepper strips, broccoli slaw veggies, sesame oil, salt and sesame seeds.
Step 2
Split open the King's Hawaiian Rolls, in sets of two, lengthwise and spread with butter.
Step 3
Broil on high until toasted about 3 minutes.
Step 4
Spread the coarse ground mustard over the bottom of each roll duo.
Step 5
Lay both turkey and chicken slices overlapping down the length of the sandwich.
Step 6
Using a slotted spoon, heap the sesame broccoli slaw and add top bun.

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