Jerk Chicken Sliders

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Recipe Details

4 (2 ounce) Chicken cutlets

4 Pineapple rings

4 ounces Jerk chicken seasoning

4 ounces Jerk chicken sauce

8 ounces Coleslaw

Step 1
Rub raw chicken with Seasoning or Rub
Step 2
Grill chicken while basting with Jerk Chicken Sauce until done
Step 3
Grill Pineapple Rings
Step 4
Make or Purchase Coleslaw
Step 5
To assemble the sliders, place slider buns on plate with both sides open faced
Step 6
Place Jerk Chicken on the Heel Bun,then top Jerk Chicken with Coleslaw
Step 7
Place Grilled Pineapple slice on top of Coleslaw
Step 8
Place Crown Bun on top of Pineapple

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