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Several years ago, when my daughter was almost three, I came across a recipe for monkey bread, something I’d never heard of. It used canned biscuits and was covered in cinnamon and sugar and gooey brown sugar melted butter. I knew it was the perfect recipe for Christmas morning. I made it, just as the recipe said too. I baked it and it ended up perfect, except for one little teeny tiny problem:

It took waaaaay longer to bake than the directions said. Like, an extra 30 minutes. Which, on Christmas morning, is like an eternity to hungry relatives, am I right?

Everyone loved it so much that I’ve continued to make it each Christmas. In fact, even if I want to make something else, I’m not allowed too. My daughter, now almost 8, has grown up with monkey bread on Christmas morning. She looks forward to it all year (and starts talking about it in August). One year I said I was going to make cinnamon rolls instead and I swear, the look she gave me? It was like I was telling her I was going to make her eat broccoli covered pancakes or something. Monkey bread it was, after all!

But still, each year I try to find a new way to make it so that it doesn’t take so long to bake. Smaller pans, bigger pans, flatter pans. It works, but monkey bread isn’t as good if it’s not made in a bundt pan. It just isn’t!

And then I had the ultimate light-bulb moment, like the Christmas morning breakfast police struck me down in the middle of the bread aisle. Why not use rolls? They’re already baked. All it would take would be to melt all that brown sugary goodness together and voila! It would be done faster than the Christmas presents are opened.

Of course, I decided on using King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls. They are my absolute favorite rolls EVER. I have issues with these rolls. I buy them and they magically disappear.

{I blame my daughter’s elf-on-the-shelf for that. He gets hungry in the night.}

But seriously, they are the best rolls - fluffy, dense, and a little sweet. Perfect for a breakfast dish!

The trick was to get the cinnamon sugar coating to stick to the rolls - and that little problem is solved easily by coating the rolls with a beaten egg. Place it all in a bundt pan and bake. Guess what?

It baked in only 15 minutes! That’s right - breakfast can be on the table before the stockings are empty. This may be the best invention yet, let me tell you.

Until they create a roll that does the dishes. Now THAT would be something I’d like to see.

Make your holiday special with Dorothy’s mouth-watering Christmas Morning Monkey Bread.