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Hibiscus Kiss Baby Swaddle

<div class="description">These incredibly soft and breathable, bamboo and cotton-based muslin baby swaddles are both attractive and versatile. Coco Moon Hawai'i baby swaddles get softer with every wash and, beyond swaddling, their large size makes them useful as a nursing cover, stroller blanket, burp cloth, lovie and more. <br /><br />This Coco Moon Hawai'i Hibiscus Kiss Swaddle features a motif of pink and blush toned watercolor Hibiscus flowers on white background. <br /><br /> <ul> <li>100% rayon made from bamboo &amp; cotton</li> <li>Dimensions: 47" x 47"</li> </ul> <b><u>CARE INSTRUCTIONS:</u></b><br /><i>Machine wash cold (without bleach), tumble dry on low heat</i></div>

Coco Moon

coco moon hawaii hibiscus kiss swaddle on a white background
Coco Moon Hibiscus Baby Swaddle


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Hibiscus Kiss Baby Swaddle


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