Fried Ice Cream

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Recipe Details

1 quart Chocolate ice cream

1 box cornflakes crushed

2 eggs beaten

oil for frying

chocolate sauce or cinnamon sugar optional

1 loaf KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread

Step 1
Scoop 6 ice cream balls approximately 2 inches in diameter, place onto a plate. Set aside in freezer.
Step 2
Slice six 1/2 inch slices of the KING'S HAWAIIAN Sweet Round Bread. Trim to 3 x 7 inch strips, crusts removed. Wrap one strip around each ice cream ball; press firmly to seal edges.
Step 3
Place crushed cornflakes and beaten eggs into two separate shallow dishes. Roll wrapped ice cream balls first into the beaten eggs, then into the cornflakes. Return ice cream balls to freezer, for at least 1 hour, until you are ready to fry.
Step 4
When ready to fry, heat oil to 400 degrees F. One at a time, gently lower the balls into the oil and fry the wrapped ice cream for 15 to 20 seconds, until golden brown. Top with chocolate sauce or cinnamon sugar if desired and serve immediately.

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