Bacon Mummy Hot Dogs

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Recipe Details

1 package King's Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns

1 package thin-sliced bacon

4 hot dogs


candy eyes

Step 1
Lay a slice of bacon diagonally across a cutting board. Place a hot dog horizontally with the left end starting on top of the lower end of the bacon slice. Tightly roll the bacon around the hot dog from end to end leaving space in between.
Step 2
Starting at the top of the hot dog, tightly wrap another slice of bacon all the way to the bottom leaving a space for the eyeballs towards the top. Repeat 4x.
Step 3
Heat a medium saucepan to medium-high heat.
Step 4
Place bacon-wrapped hot dogs on the pan with the loose bacon ends facing down. This will help seal the bacon so that it will not unravel.
Step 5
Sear until golden brown and crispy on all sides then remove.
Step 6
Place one cooked bacon-wrapped hot dog in all four King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns.
Step 7
Use a tiny drop of mustard as an adhesive for the candy eyeballs. Serve and enjoy!

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