Guido Burger

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In 1969, Byron and Virginia Hardin began serving the World’s Best Burgers at the end of Santa Monica Ave. in Ocean Beach, CA. Today, there are 3 Hodad’s restaurants in San Diego, including a seasonal stop inside of Petco Park. Hodad’s is now owned by second generation Burgermeister, Mike “Bossman” Hardin. Mike is a local guy and surfer, and does his best to make life better for America’s Military with their MESSLORDS! Visit Hodad’s:
Recipe Details

4 tablespoons Heinz Ketchup

1 jar Country Fair Kosher Dill Pickle Chip

4 Hodad's Signature Hamburger Patty (1/3rd lb. each, our seasoning is a secret, but we advise you use Seasoned Salt & Pepper)

4 slices Swiss cheese

12 ounces Kruse Navel Pastrami

1 pound ground beef

1 Large grilled yellow onion

Guldens Spicy Brown Mustard

1 - 4 pack King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Hamburger Buns

Step 1
Grill hamburger patty to your liking (medium, medium well, etc.). Melt Swiss Cheese on the hamburger.
Step 2
Sear thinly sliced pastrami
Step 3
Lightly grill sandwich buns top and bottom of sandwich buns. (Watch your buns carefully. King’s Hawaiian bread taste amazing when it’s toasted, but it can burn easy if you don’t keep an eye on it)
Step 4
Build your burger the Hodad’s way: On the bottom bun spread 1Tbsp. of ketchup all around. Then evenly place about 6 slices of the pickle chips on top of the ketchup layer, followed by the hamburger patty and cheese. Place the pastrami on top of the patty, put the grilled onions on top of the pastrami and finally squeeze about 1.5 Tbsp. of brown mustard on top of the pastrami. Last, crown your burger with the top of the King’s Hawaiian Sandwich Bun.
Step 5
Open up wide and enjoy your Hodad’s Guido Burger!

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