Ham & Turkey "Sushi Rolls"

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2 slices King's Hawaiian Sliced Bread


Sliced Ham

Sliced Turkey

Cheddar Cheese Slice

Avocado Slice

Rolling Pin

Sushi Mat

Step 1
Stack two slices of King’s Hawaiian Sliced Bread on top of one another. With a knife, carefully trim off the crust.
Step 2
Place one crustless bread slice down on a cutting board and roll out with a rolling pin. Place the flattened slice on a sushi mat (if you prefer to tuck and roll by hand, sushi mat is not needed).
Step 3
Spread a spoonful of mayo across the center of the slice followed by turkey, ham, 1’’ wide cheddar cheese slice, and avocado slice.
Step 4
Carefully pick up the bottom half of the bread slice, roll over, and tuck into the top half. Once both top half and bottom half meet, take the bottom half of the sushi mat, roll it over your sandwich “sushi roll” and tuck everything in together tightly.
Step 5
With a sharp knife, carefully slice into ~1’’ rolls.

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