Hawaiian Chicken Fried Steak Katsu Sandwich

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Chef Jaime Young
Jaime Young grew up in Long Island, New York. He started his culinary career at Johnson & Wales University where he received a Bachelor's degree in culinary nutrition. After graduation, Jaime pushed into fine dining where he worked at celebrated restaurants such as Eleven Madison Park and Atera in New York City. Today, Jaime is the Executive Chef and Partner of Sunday Hospitality, which includes Sunday In Brooklyn in Williamsburg and Rule Of Thirds in Greenpoint (opening in 2020), as well as Sibling Rival and Pilot at The Hoxton in Downtown Los Angeles.
Recipe Details

For the Buttermilk Brine:

6 Cloves of garlic

1.4 ounces Fish sauce

2 1/4 cups Buttermilk

3 tablespoons Salt

1/2 ounce Hot sauce

4 cubes Steak (tenderized slice of top or bottom round)

For the Seasoned Dredging Flour:

4 ounces All-purpose flour

1.5 teaspoons Salt

1.5 teaspoons Garlic powder

1.5 teaspoons Onion powder

1/2 teaspoon Cayenne pepper

1/2 teaspoon Ground black pepper

For the Miso Hollandaise:

4 Egg yolks

12 ounces Clarified butter (warm & melted)

2 tablespoons Lemon juice

1 tablespoon Shiro miso

1/4 teaspoon Salt

For Charred Pineapple:

1 Pineapple

to taste salt & olive oil

For the Fried Shichimi Shallots:

4 medium sized Shallots

2 cups Corn starch

As needed Shichimi togarashi spice, as needed

For the Chicken Fried Steak:

1 box Plain panko breadcrumbs

3 Eggs, lightly beaten

Seasoned flour dredging

To Assemble Sandwiches:

8 slices King's Hawaiian Original Sweet Sliced Bread

4 Eggs, scrambled

Chicken Fried Steak

Miso Hollandaise

Fried Shichimi Shallots

Charred Pineapple

Step 1
For the Buttermilk Brine:
Step 2
Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
Step 3
Add tenderized cube steaks to the marinade and store refrigerated for 12 hours.
Step 4
For the Seasoned Dredging Flour:
Step 5
Combine all ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
Step 6
For the Miso Hollandaise:
Step 7
Place egg yolks in a small bowl set over a double boiler. Whisk constantly and cook yolks until the texture becomes light yellow and you can see ribbons in the yolks from whisking (about 149F).
Step 8
Once the yolks are heated to this stage, add the miso, lemon juice, and salt.
Step 9
While keeping the mixture warm, slowly drizzle in the clarified butter while vigorously whisking to emulsify.
Step 10
As the mixture starts to thicken add a few droplets of warm water as you go to stabilize the emulsion.
Step 11
Once finished, check for seasoning, (lemon, salt or miso). Store in a warm place until ready.
Step 12
For the Charred Pineapple:
Step 13
Set your oven to 450F. If there is a convection setting, set the fan to high speed.
Step 14
Trim off the skin and the green top from the pineapple. As needed cover the pineapple with olive oil and season liberally with salt.
Step 15
Line a baking sheet with tin foil. Place the pineapple onto the lined baking sheet and place into your oven. Roast for about 20-30 minutes rotating the pineapple so that it chars and roasts evenly on all sides.
Step 16
To prepare for the sandwich, cut out the core. Slice with a knife or food slicer about ⅛” thick or slightly thinner.
Step 17
For the Fried Shichimi Shallots:
Step 18
To fry, set up a heavy bottomed pot or deep fryer with sunflower oil and set the temperature to 350F.
Step 19
Use a mandolin slicer, set at about ⅛” thick. Peel the shallots and slice the shallots into round rings. Separate the rings using your hands.
Step 20
Place the cornstarch into a mixing bowl. Place the sliced shallot rings into the cornstarch and dredge until fully coated.
Step 21
To fry, dust off any excess cornstarch and drop into the fryer. Fry until golden and crispy making sure to stir them around so they do not stick to each other.
Step 22
Remove from the fryer onto a paper towel lined tray to drain any excess oil. Immediately season with kosher salt and the shichimi togarashi spice.
Step 23
For the Chicken Fried Steak:
Step 24
In three separate containers, place panko, eggs, and flour dredge.
Step 25
To bread the brined cube steaks, pull the meat from the brine. Drain slightly. Place the cube steak directly into the flour and coat well. Make sure to dust off any extra flour. Next, dip into the egg mixture and coat well, again draining off any excess egg. Finally, coat the meat well in the breadcrumbs.
Step 26
To fry, set up a heavy bottomed pot or deep fryer with sunflower oil and set the temperature to 350F. Fry for about 4-5 minutes until golden and crispy and season immediately with additional kosher salt to taste. Let rest for two or three more minutes to finish cooking. Cook to about 155F.
Step 27
To Assemble Sandwiches:
Step 28
To assemble each sandwich, place the chicken fried steak onto a slice of the King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread, followed by 3-4 slices of charred pineapple.
Step 29
Next, add ¼ of the scrambled eggs, about 1-2 tablespoons of miso hollandaise and ¼ of the fried shichimi shallots.
Step 30
Top with second slice of bread. Slice two ends of the crust off, and cut down the middle of each sandwich before serving.

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