King's Hawaiian Kona Cold Brew

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Recipe Details

6c Filtered Water (cold or room temp)

2 Large Jars (64oz or bigger)

Long spoon or Stir

Paper Cone Coffee Filters

Chemex Coffee Maker or Pour Over Cone

1.5c King’s Hawaiian Kona Whole Bean Coffee, ground coarse

Step 1
Grind your coffee. If you don’t have your own grinder, you might be able to ask your local coffee shop to grind it for you. Make sure the grind is on a “coarse” setting.
Step 2
Put ground coffee into jar. Pour water over coffee and give it a good stir to make sure all the grounds are covered in water. Put lid on jar and then put jar into the fridge.
Step 3
Let steep for 12-24 hours. The longer it steeps, the stronger the cold brew will be.
Step 4
Let’s strain the coffee. Set up your pour over and cone filter (attached to a large jar or pitcher). Pour your cold brew into the cone filter. At this time the coffee grounds should be left in the cone filter and your cold brew should be straining into the jar without any grounds.
Step 5
Pour coffee over ice and enjoy black, or with cream and sweetener!


Coffee is for the individual. Adjust the recipe, time steeping or the size of your grind pending on what works for your particular taste and needs. Also, be sure to use good filtered water!

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