KING'S HAWAIIAN Regal Tea Cucumber Sandwiches

Recipe Details

1 loaf KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Sliced Bread

8 ounces whipped cream cheese

2 cucumbers

Dill weed, to taste

freshly ground sea salt, to taste

Freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Step 1
Wash, peel and slice cucumbers into thin slices (approximately 1/8” thick)
Step 2
Trim the crust from 2 slices of KING’S HAWAIIAN Sliced Bread, and liberally apply whipped cream cheese to both sides.
Step 3
Layout first layer of cucumber slices on one slice of the cream cheese covered bread. Sprinkle Dill Weed, and lightly grind salt and pepper to taste.
Step 4
Layout a second layer of cucumbers in an overlapping pattern. Again, sprinkle Dill Weed, and lightly grind salt and pepper to taste on the second layer.
Step 5
Lay other cream-cheese covered sliced on top of the second layer of cucumbers. Cut sandwich diagonally, and cut triangles in half.


Goes great with POG (Passion Fruit-Orange-Guava Juice) Mimosas.

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