Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Prep: 10 min.

Cook: 20 min.

Serves: 12

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Craving a flavorful combination of savory and sweet? Check out our recipe for Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches! 

Made with our famous Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls, these bite-sized sandwiches are packed with flavor. With ham, cheese, and a delectable mixture of butter and mustard adding an extra layer of taste, our Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches are simple yet delicious.

We’re sharing the secret to how we make our Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches even better. Read on and find out how to impress your friends and family with this simple step.


Butter mixture

Start with the Butter Mixture

There’s no such thing as too much butter! We’ll start by making the butter mixture that will top the rolls. All you need is butter, mustard, and onion. Melt the stick of butter and mix in mustard and chopped onions. 

This combination of flavors and aromas are the perfect complement to our Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches, adding to the overall tastiness of this already delicious recipe. Set aside the butter mixture to cool for now, we’ll use it towards the end. 

If you need a perfect anytime meal, you’re in the right place. From family time to game time, these sliders work as grab-and-go or the main event. All you need is a few ingredients and our iconic KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls.


King’s Hawaiian rolls sliced in half

Sweeten This Savory Recipe with Our Famous KING’S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls

With the sauce ready to go, now it’s time to build your Mini Baked Ham Sandwich. Start by cutting the Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls in half horizontally, keeping rolls connected. Take the bottom layer of rolls and cover with ham and cheese.

The ham, cheese, and Hawaiian sweet rolls are the perfect trio. With a burst of sweetness from the bread and salty, savory flavors from the ham and Swiss cheese, your family and friends won’t want just one.


Add ham and cheese to the bottom half of the King’s Hawaiian rolls

Everything is Better with King’s Hawaiian 

Once you’ve assembled the bottom half of your ham sandwich, stack the other half of your Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls on top.

Here at King’s Hawaiian, we believe food is meant to be shared with your ‘Ohana. KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Rolls make it easy to bring your Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches anywhere: game days, the office, Slider Sunday, and more!


Drizzle butter mixture over the top of the Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Kick Your Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches Up a Notch

Ready for the step that will take your Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches to the next level? Grab your butter mixture from step one and drizzle it over the top of the rolls, making sure the onion is evenly distributed. Then, refrigerate them overnight and allow the butter mixture to fully absorb into the KING’S HAWAIIAN sweet rolls. Once absorbed, you’ll bake them to perfection the next day for a mouth-watering sandwich that's sure to impress.

In a pinch or simply don’t want to go to the grocery store? You can get KING'S HAWAIIAN rolls delivered to your doorstep by ordering from Amazon Fresh or Instacart


Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

To Enjoy Now or Add More? That is the Question!

Lastly, you’ll put your Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350°F. Now you’re ready to share and enjoy! 

You can also make these bite-sized sandwiches even bolder by adding some of our favorite sauces and spreads. Try our Passion Fruit Wasabi Mustard, Maui Onion & Garlic Mustard, and the Hawaiian Habanero Hot Sauce.


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Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

Prep: 10 min.

Cook: 20 min.

Serves: 12

  • 1 pound deli ham shaved
  • 1 pound swiss cheese thinly sliced
  • 1 stick butter
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons dijon mustard
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons worcestershire sauce
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons minced onion dried
  • 1 12-pack KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls

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Mini Baked Ham Sandwiches

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