Spicy Italian Sandwich

Chef Bert Agor, Jr.
Meet the Chef!
Chef Bert Agor, Jr.
A native Hawaiian from the island of Kauai, Chef Bert Agor, Jr.'s childhood dream was to become a chef. Working side-by-side many summers with his father in favorite Hawaiian restaurants, he gained the skills necessary to become an Executive Chef / Trainer. Now, in addition to creating unforgettable restaurant dining experiences, Chef Bert creates onolicious recipes for KING'S HAWAIIAN®, based on Flavors of Hawaii from his childhood.
Recipe Details

1 KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Bun

4 slices Salami

5 ounces Oven roasted turkey

1/8 ounce Mix salad greens

1 1/5 ounces Pickled italian vegetables


Step 1
Heat turkey to an internal temperature 155 degrees
Step 2
Lightly butter King’s Hawaiian bun with un-salted butter and toast insides golden brown
Step 3
First, place mixed greens on bottom bun
Step 4
Second, place hot turkey on greens
Step 5
Shingle salami over turkey in a square shape
Step 6
Then with spicy pickled Italian vegetables
Step 7
Top with toasted bun

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