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Cool Lime 'Ulu Chips, 3.5 oz

<div class="description"><span style="font-size: 12pt;"><strong>COMING BACK IN STOCK THIS SUMMER!</strong></span></div> <div class="description">'Ulu Mana Cool Lime 'Ulu Chips are inspired by a ranch style seasoning with a twist of kaffir lime and kick of jalape&ntilde;o and they're vegan! They are thinly sliced and crisped to perfection using organic coconut oil. <br /><br />The key ingredient breadfruit, or 'ulu as it's called on the Hawaiian Islands, is a nutrient dense superfood that grows from the 'ulu tree. A single 'ulu tree can produce 250 to 1,000 pounds of fruit per year. Breadfruit is packed with many antioxidants and is naturally rich in fiber. <br /><br />'Ulu Mana only uses breadfruit that is grown by local farmers and responsibly sourced. <br /><br /> <ul> <li>Gluten Free</li> <li>Vegan</li> <li>Paleo</li> <li>Net Weight: 3.5 oz</li> </ul> This product is proudly made in Hawai'i!</div> <div class="ingredients"><strong>Ingredients: </strong><em>Breadfruit ('Ulu), Sea Salt, Organic Coconut Oil, Nutritional Yeast, Garlic Powder, Jalape&ntilde;o Powder, Herbs &amp; Spices. </em> <br /><br /><img src="https://cdn11.bigcommerce.com/s-fnc0mtzrrh/product_images/uploaded_images/Cool_Lime_ulu-chips-Nutrish.png" alt="ULU" width="261" height="554" align="middle" border="0" /></div>

'Ulu Mana Hawai'i

Ulu Mana Cool Lime 'Ulu Chips, 3.5oz
Ulu Mana Cool Lime 'Ulu Chips, 3.5oz in bowl


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Cool Lime 'Ulu Chips, 3.5 oz


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