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Don’t wait until Saturday to enjoy yourself. Make, Thursdays, and even Mondays a blast too! Check out these simple tips to help transform your work week—no matter how crazy your busy schedule gets!

5 Ways to Treat Yourself During the Work Week 1

Reroute Your Afternoon Commute

You just finished a long day at work (Can you say case of the Mondays?!), and now you’re on your way home to start job #2—tackling all of the chores for your busy family!

Before you head home, take 30 minutes or an hour for yourself. Take a detour to your favorite coffee shop or enjoy a brisk walk through the mall. No matter your choice, just bask in this simple time that’s all about you!

5 Ways to Treat Yourself During the Work Week 2Prepare An Early Evening Snack Fit For a King or Queen

From the tropical island flavors of Strawberry Guava to Chocolate Dobash, we’ve got the cure for that 5 o’clock feeling. Indulge in a delicious pick-me-up and unwind as you devour the sweet, fluffy, buttery goodness of a NEW King’s Hawaiian dessert pastry – Hawaiian Swirl! Whether you want to eat this one solo or share with your family (we won’t tell either way!), you’ve earned this scrumptious snack. #treatyoself

Pay It Forward

Sometimes, the best way to treat yourself is to treat others! There’s nothing like that feeling of knowing you made someone’s day. Pick one day a week to do something kind for someone else—be it a stranger or your BFF.

The next time you’re in the coffee drive-thru, pay for a drink for the car behind you. Try texting an old friend and invite them out for a lunch date, your treat! These tiny acts of kindness are so contagious. Watch how far your joy spreads!

5 Ways to Treat Yourself During the Work Week 3Stop & Smell the Roses

Is your phone already going wild with incoming emails, direct messages, and invoice requests for your grueling workday? You know the day ahead is going to be packed, so give yourself something special to keep you going.

Who says you can’t buy yourself a bouquet of flowers? Hydrangeas, carnations, sunflowers, daisies—the choice is yours. Keep them in a pretty vase on your desk for a pop of color that will brighten even your busiest days.

Start A New Hobby

We know what you’re thinking. How on Earth will I ever find time in my busy schedule to start something new? To that we say, make time! You deserve it.

Remember when you were a kid in school? Wasn’t there a particular day you always looked forward to—for some of us it was art class, for others it was P.E.? Create that same kind of joy as an adult.

Love football? Join a local league. Have you always wanted to try pottery? Check out the schedule at your community center. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to your new hobby each week, something that will certainly take your mind off work.