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Whether you call your Dad - Father, Daddy, Papa, Pops or Makuakane, today we celebrate and honor fatherhood and what better way to thank him for his guidance than sharing our most cherished memories. Weasked the KING’S HAWAIIAN team and our KING’S HAWAIIAN  ohana to share photos with their Dads because not only do images speak a thousand words but they celebrate the experiences that we’ve shared. 

Hau`oli La Makuakane (Happy Father’s Day) to all of the new and experienced Father’s  out there, we’re so grateful for what you do each day! 

Do you have a favorite memory to share? Leave a comment with your story below, or share your photo on our Facebook wall!

From the KING’S HAWAIIAN Ohana

Me and my dad, Masao Endo. It's been 2 years since he passed and it still feels like yesterday. Happy father's day! I Love and miss you. - Nyrac C.

My husband with our daughter and niece. - Leslie S.

My dad and I (being held) along with my Aunt....many moons ago, sorely miss him. - Marguerite R.

My hubby, my dad, and my son. All fisherman :) – Nicole H.

My dad with my sister and I at our brother's wedding :) – Kelly E.

A pic of me with a broken arm (I fell off the monkey bars trying to hang upside down by legs only! Trying to copy my siblings), my dad is no longer here but he gave us a lot of TLC! - Tinha F.

My husband with the kids. Best daddy ever. – Christian W.

Paraside Cove, Oahu 1991 My younger brother Tommy, my dad, and me with a huge video camera. I am coming to terms with the missing spot at the dinner table, the chair in the living room, the passenger seat in my car, the empty booth at the diner that Dad loved. The missing presents under the tree, the missing buddy to watch the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers, and Flyers, the gentle voice quietly singing along to his favorite songs.– Adrian H.


Dino and his sons

Courtney T. and her Dad

Roberta and Kalei

Shane and his son

Christina and her Dad

Janal and her Dad

Cueva and his sons

My dad and I fanny-packin' for my birthday. He is the best dad ever. And clearly funny too! – Jennifer M.

Dear Dad, well I obviously get my great looks (and hair) from you. Thanks for being the most supportive father ever!! Happy to be your kid – Jeanine B. (Gigi)

This picture was taken at Urban Outfitters before family brunch one day. We laughed throughout this mini-photoshoot -- it's true, dads are the original "hipsters"! I attribute my affinity for reading and great music to my father. I remember waking up on the weekends to Beatles music wafting from the stereo. Other days he'd be playing songs from his childhood on guitar or on the piano. Happy Father's Day Dad -- may we spend many more together - <3 Cheryl E.

Even tho he’s in Heaven, we shared a love of food!  Not sure if you want to add that, but here’s the pic. – Debbie P.

I cherish you for all of your King-Fu moves, your sense of humor, and the love and support you provide. I am truly grateful to have you as my Dad. – Kari R.