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It seems like just yesterday students were starting to be dismissed for summer break. How is it that the entire summer had already passed us by? Children are headed back to school now, which means book bags need to be packed, homework needs to be done and lunches need to be prepared. 

When I was in elementary school the “go-to” sandwich was the famous peanut butter and jelly. While it is still one of my favorites, there are so many options out there to choose from that are just as tasty. Here are some different lunch ideas to keep on hand when packing that lunch box.
  • Dog Bites are a quick n’ easy treat for back-to-school! 
  • Mini Pizzas – Top a mini bagel with pizza sauce, cheese and other topping favorites, heat and pack in an air tight container.  For older children pack all ingredients separate and let them assemble the mini pizzas at lunch time. King's Hawaiian Honey Wheat Dinner Rolls also make great bases for Mini Pizzas.
  • Mini Corn Dogs – Serve store-bought or homemade mini corn dogs with a side of sweet potato chips.  Send little containers of ketchup and mustard for dipping.
  • Keep pasta salad in a thermos to keep it cool until lunch time. Serve with a small bag of cheddar cheese cubes, green grapes and King's Hawaiian Savory Butter Dinner Rolls.
  • If you are sending sandwiches, use cookie cutters to turn them in to fun shapes. A normal turkey sandwich can now be a cool dinosaurs or a princess crown. Mini Slider Sandwiches are fun too. King's Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls are perfect for Sliders. 
  • Pack muffins and fruit together for a neat treat. Tiny homemade pancakes can be packed into lunches with a small container of maple syrup for dipping.  Add a container of yogurt and granola along side of a small box of Orange Juice to complete a “breakfast for lunch” meal.
  • Pack their favorite soup in a thermos, to keep it warm until lunch time. Pack a small bag of whole wheat crackers, King's Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls and don’t forget the spoon.
  • Veggie Lover – Fill small containers with vegetables like carrots, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumber slices. Add a container of yogurt or hummus for dipping.  
  • Make Chicken and Cheese quesadillas at home and pack with a side of rice and tortilla chips.