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Ever since I was a little girl, this "haole" was enamored by Hawaiian names. I first traveled to the islands in 1983 and learned my name was “Kiliki.”
At 9 years old, I was so excited to have a new name. I pranced around Waikiki telling everyone I was Kiliki. I even had the souvenir keychain to prove it.

One of the greatest memories I have of that trip is when my sister smashed her banana split in her face during her 1st birthday party. But what makes the memory even more special is that she ate it from her new “Kimopali” placemat.

We returned home from Hawaii and used our Hawaiian names for days.
Nine years later, I met my future husband in Kentucky and was so shocked when I saw that he had a matching Hawaiian keychain with his name, “Kawika,” stamped on it. It had to be destiny.
We later wed and had our matching Hawaiian wedding bands engraved with our Hawaiian names, “Kiliki” and “Kawika” and the words “Mau Loa,” meaning forever. Like our love for each other, the love of Hawaii is something that embraces you after just one visit.
We spent our honeymoon on Oahu and enjoyed the mountains, the culture and of course the food. From luaus to a barbecue with his family at Ala Moana Beach Park, the love that exudes from the islands and our ohana continues to bless our marriage.
We’ve been married 17 years, and little Kimopali is now 30 and has a baby of her own, Lilia.  
Now, I’d love to know your story: What’s your Hawaiian name?