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Everyday there are folks we encounter that could use a little generosity.  Generosity can come in many forms and generally can be shown in small ways that make a difference to those in our lives that need it most.  So today I am sharing five simple things you can do that won't take a lot of time or money.

  1. Bake cookies and share them with your kid's teachers, bus drivers, your mail person, your boss or even your customers.  Freshly made baked goods always makes folks feel extra special. Place them in a cute box and you are all set.
  2. The number one thing I hear from my friends with small children is that sometimes they just need a break. Offer one of your friends and afternoon of free time. Take the kids to the park or just to your house to play. It will be a fun change for the kids and the parents will be so appreciative.
  3. Write an old-fashioned letter to someone who has made a difference in you life, tell them what they have meant to you.  I did this with my grandmother a few years back and it meant the world to her.
  4. Make a dinner for a busy family and drop it off.  Sometimes a home cooked meal can bring a busy family together at just the right time.  Casseroles, chili and soup are easy to put into the refrigerator until ready to cook or reheat.
  5. Put together a basket of local made products and drop off to a new neighbor to welcome them.  If you don't have any new neighbors you can always put together a brunch basket with specialty muffin or pancake mixes, homemade jam, fancy syrups, and coffee for a friend or neighbor.

Box of Cookies

These are just a few simple ideas for sharing generosity to others on a daily basis.  Always remember to smile and it doesn't cost a thing to pay someone a compliment.  You never know when it could turn someone's day around for the better.