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Do you want to take a mouth-watering digital photo of your sandwich creation? Here's a helpful guide, in 5 simple steps, to taking the best possible photo of your My Ultimate KING'S HAWAIIAN Sandwich recipe.

Step1: Use your smart phone or digital camera. Set the phone (if possible) or camera's resolution at the highest resolution possible.

Step 2: Use natural light. Light can impact your photo greatly so be sure to find as much light as possible and always make sure that the light source is directed at the object.

Step 3: Take the photo up-close. If using a phone try to avoid the zoom feature as it lessens the quality of the photo. Instead, move closer to your object when taking your photo. Don't be afraid to get up close and personal. See example below. Close-Up

Step 4: Shoot a horizontal/landscape image.  For the purposes of uploading your image to the My Ultimate KING'S HAWAIIAN Sandwich Challenge it's best to shoot your photos horizontally this will ensure that your recipe looks its best! Please note that we recommend that photos are at least 815 x 612 pixels in size and accept .png, .jpg, .jpeg at a max size of 10MB.

Step 5: Upload your recipe and image. Follow the directions provided for uploading your recipe, once you get to step 4 in the submission process it's time to upload your image. Browse your computer (see below) for your finished image. Voilà you've captured your recipe in the best light and with the most detail posssible. Congratulations!

Upload your image

We look forward to seeing what you create in the My Ultimate KING'S HAWAIIAN Sandwich Challenge. Mahalo, and good luck!