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As we approach the holidays, it’s important to remember that this time of year is not just about the gifts we exchange, but about the spirit of the season. Growing up in Hawaii, the holidays meant spending time with loved ones. One of my favorite traditions was traveling to see my Grandma. Another Hawaiian tradition? Eating good food, and in my family, it meant eating A LOT of good food.
In my ohana, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations always gathered loved ones over major feasts of culinary delicacies. The Hawaiian culture is truly unique because of the melting pot of nationalities that make up Hawaii. You could go to a party and find at least four or five different types of dishes from all sorts of cultures that blend in with one another for a buffet of love. Dishes would range from American, Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese to Filipino, Okinawan, Mexican and Korean. 

Nino and I try to spread the food of many cultures by sharing these recipes in our cooking classes – some of which you can find here. Check out our recipe for a unique stuffing made with Portuguese Sausage (also known as Linguiça) and of course, our favorite, King’s Hawaiian Original Hawaiian Sweet Round Bread.
Have an unreal Thanksgiving!  

Craving Chef Sumo’s King’s Hawaiian Bread Stuffing recipe for your onolicious Thanksgiving feast? Check it out here.