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Over a decade ago I began my regular adventures to the Hawaiian Islands. Like most, I quickly fell in love with the rich culture and beautiful lands and have tried my hardest to live aloha.

Hilo Bay, Hawaii

One of the Hawaiian beliefs that I admire the most is Aloha ‘Aina – love of the land. I respect the value the Hawaiians place on their islands and the ideals of living a sustainable lifestyle without draining our natural resources. It is a delicate balance of using only what we need while doing our due diligence to take care of our environment.

Hilo Bay - Outrigger

During my visits to the islands, I prefer to spend my time taking walks in the lush hills and swimming in the waters. It’s during those times when my senses are engulfed with the scents of sweet flowers and the sounds of the little coquis (frogs) croaking at night. And of course, there are the wonderful ono grindz.

Rainbow Falls, Hawaii

On a drive around the islands, you can stumble upon mango groves with tons of fruit weighing down their branches. You can see locals fishing off jetties and tons of little markets selling the most amazing produce and flowers.

Market, Hawaii

Here on the mainland, it may seem like it is impossible to have such a close connection to our surroundings and maybe even tougher to live off the land. But there are definitely things we can do in our daily lives to try and enact Aloha ‘Aina.

turtle, Hawaii

When possible, buy locally. Start a vegetable garden and use your own bags when you shop. And of course, strive to use sustainable products. I try to be really mindful of this when I purchase fish and seafood.

Crispy Fish Sliders

These fun little Crispy Fish Sliders are made with Pacific Cod but can be substituted with Haddock or a Pacific Mahi Mahi. I’ve paired them with a tangy cabbage slaw that is lightly dressed with an Asian vinaigrette and of course, fluffy KING'S HAWAIIAN® Original Hawaiian Sweet Dinner Rolls.

So whether you’re on the islands or on the mainland, you can always try to find ways to Live Aloha.

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