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The school year is a crazy time at my house. Mornings are filled with emails, making lunches and rushing to school. Days are filled with work and homework, and evenings mean rushing to extracurricular activities and trying to get dinner on the table.

As much as I love the school year, once we get to May I start longing for summer vacation. Summer vacation means no homework, no lunch packing, and lazy mornings with no rushing. I am so looking forward to not having to tell my daughter to change her clothes three times to find something appropriate, all while I’m trying to pack lunches and scarf some sort of breakfast.

During the lazy days of summer, mornings seemingly stretch out into infinity. We don’t have to be anywhere unless we want to. I can have that second cup of coffee...and I can finally, finally make that french toast my daughter has been begging me for.

From September through June, my daughter is lucky if she gets a bowl of cereal for breakfast. Maybe some toast or a frozen waffle if there’s an extra minute for the toaster. But in summer? In summer I can make big breakfasts as much as I want. And we can actually sit down and eat them - together.

I love big family meals; times when you sit down together and actually talk. We usually do it at dinner, but by then we’re all tired and probably a little cranky. Breakfast is the perfect time of day to sit together and talk about the important things.

When I think about making a big breakfast, french toast is always at the top of my list. My daughter is always begging me for it!

This Cheesecake French toast is certain to please your family. It starts with King’s Hawaiian® Original Hawaiian Sweet Hamburger Buns. I love that they’re already sliced and ready to go. Because this french toast is no ordinary french toast - it’s stuffed french toast!

I took the flavors of cheesecake and turned them into breakfast!

Cheesecake French Toast

Cream cheese is mixed with sugar and a little vanilla, and is sandwiched in the King’s Hawaiian® Hamburger Buns. This gets dipped in your basic egg and milk french toast mixture, and then gets rolled in crushed cinnamon graham crackers.

I’m not joking: it tastes like a cheesecake. But for breakfast!

So bring your family together for breakfast this summer. And make Cheesecake French toast...from King’s Hawaiian!