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Everything’s a little better the Hawaiian Way, so we put together this tasty, traditional Mexican Torta (sandwich) with a KING’S HAWAIIAN twist. Best of all, you can dial up or dial down the spiciness depending on your personal taste!

See the full recipe in our recipe section.

Did you know that Cinco de Mayo celebrations originated in California, not Mexico? Mexican-American communities in California in the 1860s began the celebrations in honor of Mexico’s resistance to French rule, according to the UCLA Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture.

Hawaii enjoys a good Cinco de Mayo celebration as well. In fact, if you’re reading this from Honolulu, head downtown tonight for the free Cinco de Mayo Street Festival celebrating and bringing awareness to Oahu’s diverse population — 10% of which are Hispanics!

So, whether you are in Mexico, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit or Honolulu, have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo!