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After a busy day at work or with the kids I often find myself a little stressed when I come home. Everyone knows how harmful stress can be to your help, so I’ve come up with some easy tips to share with you on how to de-stress. This is what works for me and hopefully they will work for you too!


Find a relaxing place in your home. As long as the place is quiet and you can have at least 30 minutes to decompress and relax. If you can’t find a place in your home head to your closest favorite relaxing place. Mine is the beach. I can get to the beach with in 30 minutes. Having some peace and quiet alone time can de-stress you very quickly.


Take a nap. If you’re finding your stressed and frazzled, try to lay down and take a nap. It will de-stress you and you will wake up feeling the stress has passed.

Practice Meditation!

Meditation can be extremely relaxing and can help you de-stress very quickly. Practicing this can be as simple as finding a quiet spot and breathing deeply with your eyes closed. It really can relax and de-stress you very quickly by taking some time to breathe.

Cooking and Comfort Food!

This is not one I recommend to practice every time you’re are stressed, but I do think it’s ok to take one time to sit back, relax and enjoy a dessert or food you love. There is nothing wrong with putting the TV on and sitting on the couch and enjoying your favorite dessert like some KING'S HAWAIIAN Strawberry Swirl Rolls. It will relax you as you are enjoying yourself. Cooking relaxes me as it’s something fun for me to do. When you find something you love to do it can relax you. Hope these tips help can help keep you de-stressed.