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Easter is the start of springtime in my family and marks one of my favorite holiday traditions. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins gather around to celebrate a feast together with family and relatives. Everybody contributes to the feast with his or her own, “signature dish” and I always bring my famous Hawaiian BBQ Pork. The kids as well as the adults love the special sweet and tangy taste that I am able to create by using a crock-pot and a few simple ingredients.

After our Easter meal is done, we all participate in a strange, but entertaining Easter Egg Hunt. Believe it or not, my family celebrates an Easter Egg Hunt like no other family I know…In this video recipe I share my family tradition of our famous Easter Egg hunt and how a little hollow egg stuffed with confetti and money can cause so much fun and excitement amongst everyone.

In addition to the Egg Hunt, learn how easy it is to make my Hawaiian BBQ Pork with a crock-pot and served on King’s Hawaiian, Mini Sub Rolls and Sandwich Buns. With a little prep-time and 5 simple ingredients, you will learn my “signature dish” in time for Easter.

You can find the Hawaiian BBQ Pork Recipe here.


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