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For our final three nights in Austin, I met, laughed and ate tasty Salt Lick brisket on our famous rolls with hundreds of excited visitors to our food truck.  We put up our sign and look how they lined down the block! 


The sweet smells of Hawaii and Texas were in the air around us. Since our truck was part of The Heart of Austin showcase, some of the stars from the Sony stages stopped by for a taste, including Float Fall, Radkey, Rev Gusto and Sleeper Agent.


And I felt like a celebrity meeting American Idol winner Kris Allen on the red carpet before he went on stage and when I was being interviewed by Kansas City’s radio station 96.5. Now that’s pupule!

When we weren’t chewing (and even when we were!), we streamed live awesome concert performances from the Sony stages. A few SXSW goers also showed how pupule they go for our rolls by participating in a food eating contest…how fast can you eat a King’s Hawaiian 4-pack?

All too quick, it was over. Now that SXSW has experienced our flavors, it’s time to get this truck back to its roots: Hawaii. Stay tuned for the next leg of this crazy journey.

Goodbye Texas! And don’t forget to #GoPupule for King’s Hawaiian whenever you’re in our neck of the woods.


Courtney Taira