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Every Christmas, I spend days in the kitchen preparing homemade treats for friends and family. I love developing new recipes to meet the tastes of everyone who receives a gift. Some love chocolate, others love gingerbread and my husband’s Filipino ohana loves the flavors of Hawaii.
I just moved back to Las Vegas, and I am closer to his family, so I wanted to develop a special treat just for them.
For years, I’ve made bourbon balls using cracker crumbs. When I pulled out the recipe this year, I realized I could replace the crackers with toasted bread crumbs, King’s Hawaiian bread crumbs, of course.
A little chop in the food processor, a light toasting in the oven and this recipe was on its way. I added a few of my other favorite flavors of Hawaii, balled these babies up and made them even better by dipping them in white chocolate.

I’m really excited to share these with my husband’s family this Christmas. I’m sure they will be on my must-make list for years to come.
Have a holly jolly Christmas with Christie’s King’s Hawaiian Rum Balls.