Love is sweet. Make a dessert to match with KING’S HAWAIIAN ® Crunch Cookies and sweet rolls. These recipes use the KING’S HAWAIIAN ® taste you love to create easy and simply delicious desserts you can share on your romantic evening with your love.

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Take a romantic tropical getaway during dessert. These Valentine’s Day Recipes use fruity flavors and sweet treats to whisk you away. Whether you’re adding strawberry sauce or cookie crumbles, these flavors are inspired by the islands, so you and your Valentine can escape during dessert.



Fill Your Cream Puffs with Love

Impress your Valentine's date with Ku’uipo (Sweetheart) Cream Puffs made easy. Using KING’S HAWAIIAN ® rolls as the “puff”, simply hollow out a roll to make room for the filling and create the lightness of a cream puff. While you warm your “puffs” on a cookie sheet in the oven, you can create the creamy filling using Pastry Pride non-dairy whipping cream, powdered sugar and strawberry sauce for a pinky color and fruity flavor. Pipe the cream into the sweet-roll puffs and dust with powdered sugar for a delectable dessert. These cream puffs are simple, fast and sweet, so you can whip them up with ease and get back to your romantic night in.



Show Your Valentine Some “Lava”

Heat up your romantic evening with this Lava You Sundae. With three simple ingredients, you can make a delicious sundae for two, all you need is a spoon. Start with some KING’S HAWAIIAN Guava Crunch Cookies to make your delectable cookie crumble. Smash in a plastic bag or bowl to make crunchy, crumble pieces in the size you want to add a bit of texture and tropical flavor. Layer cookie crumble and top with a couple scoops of your favorite vanilla ice cream and follow with another layer of crumbly goodness. Drizzle with a homemade strawberry lava sauce and garnish with an entire cookie. This sundae for two is the best way to end your romantic dinner.

Keep It Simple

Create an easy dessert, no cooking necessary, with KING’S HAWAIIAN Crunch Cookies. In two flavors, Lilikoi and Guava, you have a delicious variety of tropical, fruity flavors mixed with sweet white chocolate chips for an irresistible texture and taste. Get an order of each to take care of dessert for your Valentine dinner so you can focus on the romance of it all.