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Aloha and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)!

Take a look at the photo above. Do you see a sunrise or sunset? What I love about this photo is that it could be interpreted as either. As we move into the New Year, many of us look forward to new opportunities as well as reflect on all the great things we’ve experienced in 2012. 

This year, we will be sharing new delicious recipes and products with fans from all over the country.  We’ll work with other foodies and partners as passionate about our irresistibly delicious bread as we are. But as much as we’re looking forward to these new opportunities, we also like to look back at what made 2012 so special. 

Here are our Top 5 most memorable moments (in no particular order).
5) New King’s Hawaiian® Hot Dog & Hamburger Buns

Our new Hot Dog and Hamburger Buns started to hit shelves a little before Summer 2012. Made with our original recipe, people loyal to our dinner rolls were quick to try them and they began to fly off of shelves. We received an overwhelming response from our fans on Facebook, who love the new top-cut design of the Hot Dog buns and how it helps to keep the “goodies” inside. I personally like to toast the outsides and fill them with grilled chicken Andouille sausage and onions. The Hamburger buns also made a big splash and are becoming popular with both kids – and kids at heart – alike. 
4) Recipes: Delicious, Fresh and New

Chef Ricardo’s Cubano Sliders

Thanks to a group of passionate foodies, chefs and King’s Hawaiian enthusiasts, we had the largest influx of tasty recipes submitted to us in a while. There were so many recipes that used our products in new and creative ways. I’ve seen croutons, bread crumbs and even bread sticks to name a few. It became apparent to us that the King’s Hawaiian dinner roll is apparently so much more than just any old dinner roll! 

We love that our fans have come to understand and appreciate the taste and texture of our original recipe breads and have taken time out of their day to share their creations with the rest of the King’s Hawaiian ohana.
3) The People that Work for King’s Hawaiian

Carlos grilling up some onolicious hot dogs

All of us here at King’s Hawaiian believe that our continued success is due to the fact that we have a team of passionate, quality-focused people that embody the Aloha Spirit. It may sound cliché, but it’s true. We now have three bakeries that bake the bread you’ve come to know and love. Just a short drive away from our corporate offices and flagship bakery in Torrance, CA, the King’s Hawaiian® Bakery & Restaurant offers tropical cakes, pies and an authentic Hawaiian menu. Walk into any one of our bakeries and you’ll get to experience the Aloha Spirit firsthand. Our people like to smile and are very friendly, but are very good at what they do.

Earlier this year, our CEO met with two creative and talented ladies from our bakery in Oakwood, GA. They wrote and performed two original songs about their work and the Aloha Spirit. The songs are fantastic. These ladies, along with their entire team, take a lot of pride in making sure that our products are packed with care and as enjoyable as can be when reaching store shelves. And they have a ton of fun while doing it :)
2) Personal Stories from Our Blogging Friends

I don’t care that the dinner rolls are no longer recognizable… This Christmas Morning Monkey Bread looks delicious.

It is always nice to hear that people enjoy King’s Hawaiian bread. It’s the bread I grew up with as a kid and still have in my kitchen at any given time.  But, in 2012, an overwhelming amount of very talented bloggers took “giving feedback” to the next level and started sharing very personal stories and recipes with our ohana.  For me, it is very interesting to learn that King’s Hawaiian has become a part of people’s lives and traditions for families all over the country.  It became obvious that each and every one of these bloggers is a big foodie with a big heart. Each enthusiast has his or her own unique personal story, character and talent for writing. We want to continue our relationships with them and can’t wait to see what they have to share with us next!

If you’re a King’s Hawaiian enthusiast and are interested in becoming a featured contributor, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1) King’s Hawaiian Fans

In 2012, our Consumer Care team received the largest amount of compliments and praise from fans within one year. You all are so amazing! People took time out of their day to say how much they love our products and shared with us how much they enjoy them. Thanks to your passion for King’s Hawaiian, our Facebook ohana (family) grew over 30% and almost every single comment is filled with positivity and Aloha. We also see our fans showing other fans where to find our products or how to make certain recipes.  As we continue to receive kind words and Aloha from all of you, we are excited to pay it forward and continue to share Aloha with our King’s Hawaiian ohana well into the future.

Your ohana here at King’s Hawaiian wishes everyone a wonderful 2013 surrounded by loving family and friends and filled with Aloha.