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Every family has it's own special traditions when it comes to the holidays. The holidays are a time for our families and friends to gather around a chance to enjoy everyone's favorite foods and the time spent together is the most important. It's also a great opportunity to pass along those time honored traditions and recipes.

Pimento Cheese Spread is very common in the south. Our family expects to have Pimento Cheese Spread at every family gathering and holiday. It is my husband's grandmother's recipe. It is the best I've ever had.

pimento cheese spread recipe

During the holidays I love cooking and baking for family and friends. I thought that a little jar of pimento cheese spread with the family heirloom recipe would be a really nice treat to include in the baskets I make for family, friends and neighbors.

Heirloom recipes are treasures. It means the world to me to have my grandma's handwritten sugar cookie recipe in my little copper box. There have been a few recipes from my childhood that I've searched and searched for. So I thought why not share a family heirloom recipe with everyone this holiday season. I found some really cute jars to put the Pimento Cheese Spread in, small mason jars would also be just dandy. I printed the recipe onto craft or scrapbooking paper, punched a hole through one corner and tied the recipes onto the jars with raffia ribbon. A nice gift for loved ones that will continue to give long after the Pimento Cheese Spread is gone.

pimento cheese jar

The most important thing is enjoying the time with your family and friends. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Download the recipe here.