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Since we are in the spooky month of October, I felt the urge to mess around. These Spooky Halloween S’mores came to me in a vision the other day while on a hike.

Thank goodness for exercise in the mountain air….a great place to get inspired. I’ve been needing some creative inspiration and the outdoors is my ticket to success.


That’s how I thought about making S’mores with King’s Hawaiian dinner rolls!

What are some of your favorite treats for this time of year?


  • 6 King's Hawaiian Dinner Rolls 

  • 6 Large Marshmallows 

  • Hot Fudge Sauce 

  • Red Food Dye 

  • Candy Corn & Pumpkins 


Step 1

Slice King's Hawaiian rolls in half. Place rolls onto a serving dish.

Step 2

With a butter knife, spread some hot fudge onto each piece of bread.

Step 3
Top with marshmallows.

Step 4
Mix red food dye with some water

Step 5
Drizzle dye onto the tops of the marshmallows.

Step 6
With a kitchen torch, heat the marshmallows until browned.

Step 7
While the marshmallows are hot gently & firmly press in the candy corn & pumpkins.