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We asked Marguerite R., a  KING'S HAWAIIAN fan and native of Delaware to share with us what makes her a super fan! As a member of our ohana she shared a little about herself and her history with our bread!

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where are your from? What are your hobbies?

My name is Marguerite R., I am a native of Delaware, the first state, but not the smallest. When I am not stuck at home healing from an ankle break, I enjoy football!!

2. What is your fondest memory with your ohana (family) during summer?

I love going to the beach, where it only takes up to 2 hours depending on which one we go to. Thankfully, we have the choice of Lewes, down in Ocean City, Maryland. During the summer we love taking our dogs to local parks, having dinner with our children, since they are grown and living their lives. We also go crabbing and fishing, we love the outdoors!

3. Do you remember your first bite of KING'S HAWAIIAN bread?

The first time I noticed your wonderful rolls was at the local supermarket, they were in the deli department. We have been hooked ever since.

4. How do you like to share KING'S HAWAIIAN bread with your ohana? At get-togethers, parties, or for dinner?

I use them as a treat at dinner because they add a taste of flavor that makes meals more fancy. They work better than a regular dinner roll that is for sure. 

5. Describe your love for KING'S HAWAIIAN in three words or less?

The three words to describe these tasty bits of bread is " worth the calories"  I try to keep my calorie count down but I do indulge with these for they are worth it! 

6. If you could spend a week on any Hawaiian Island, which one would it be, and why?

Being all the way over on the East Coast, visiting Hawaii is a dream but if I could, I would like to go over to Molokai. I have read up on the Hawaiian Islands and this one has a forest reserve that I think would be a wonder to go through Plus, with the history of this location, I would love to see where the saints lived. I greatly enjoy this history so, I feel this place would fill all my needs.