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One of the things I look forward to most at the start of the new year is the annual Big Game. It's such a fun day to spend with friends and family, enjoy an exciting football game, laugh at over-the-top commercials, and best of all – eat a ton of delicious food.
If you're looking to impress your friends and family this year, these Bulgogi Sliders are a perfect gameday treat. They are a little different from your standard Big Game snacks but they fit right in with their small size and bold flavors. 
Bulgogi Sliders are a popular menu item at Korean fusion restaurants. Marinated meat is prepared warm, topped with a spicy mayonnaise and served as mini burgers.
You can make your own marinated meat or buy it pre-made at your local Korean market, which cuts down on the preparation time even more. These can easily be assembled an hour before the big game.

Using King’s Hawaiian Honey Wheat Dinner Rolls was the perfect accompaniment for these sliders. The light sweetness of the rolls pairs well with the bulgogi marinade, and the rolls are fluffy enough to soak up the meat juices as well. They are also the perfect size for sliders!
These are so easy to put together, my husband enjoys helping out. We've shared these sliders at various group gatherings and they've been such a success due to their uniqueness and taste!
Make fans of your friends and family with Jennifer’s Big Game Bulgogi Sliders.