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…are our fans! Are you craving KING’S HAWAIIAN® sliders, sandwiches or anything made with KING’S HAWAIIAN bread? Well we’re here to help you get the beloved bread you want, when you want it. The KING’S HAWAIIAN Ohana Map can help you find local eateries that use KING’S HAWAIIAN® on their menu, or stores that have our bread in stock.

The best part about the Ohana Map is that the information comes straight from you: our fans; your fellow ohana. So, if you find a new local eatery or store, go ahead – share it and tell us where you found your favorite bread. If it’s already on the map then we want you to vouch for those locations that are rumored to sell or serve KING’S HAWAIIAN® products.

Here’s how you can track our bread in 2 simple steps:

Step 1: Find a local eatery or location that serves or sells KING’S HAWAIIAN® bread

Step 2: Add it to the Ohana Map (located under Find Us) and give us all of the exciting details

Happy hunting and we look forward to hearing about all of the new places you find on your journey. Mahalo!

Ohana Map